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It Matters!

The facts are not always simple, but this one is, each and every human on this planet lives on the same Earth, and under the same Moon. It is not a difficult concept, yet few truly grasp it.

Do you believe in Climate Change? or are you unconvinced? It does not matter, since you are entitled to your view. Good energy use is only part of the story, it is about the sensible use of resources.

The other day, I walked into a room, the room had a sink, and the cold tap was on, water running, it flowed from the tap to the plughole, nobody was using it. I leaned over, and turned it off. It was a simple action, and I thought little of it.

Later that same day, returning home, I opened my mail, and there was a call for money from a water charity, it was clear “Water covers 70% of the Earth, yet only 2.5% is suitable for drinking” and it said “One Billion people, one-eighth of the global population has no access to safe drinking water”

Read this, from ten years ago,

think about all the money that has circulated the globe, look at the profits taken by banks and individuals from risky financial transactions. All that money, but how little has changed. We are scared of terrorism, but everyone thinks short-term, how to deal with a particular group. What we need to do is address fairness, a fairer world is a safer world.

Every time you turn on a tap, think of the energy that went in to producing the clean fresh water, the power station that had to run to produce that power, the pollution from the power station. Every time the tap is on think, of the cost in money to produce, and how that adds to your bill.

Builders building houses, could put rainwater harvesting in as standard, in most areas, better use of resource where there is not a flood risk, suggest the use of basements, why heat up attic space, make it a liveable space. We the people have the power, to illicit change, to expect higher standards.

If you do not believe in Climate Change, believe in the savings you can make using Renewable Energy, if you don’t care about the savings in Money, care about the Pollution, the effect it has on people breathing.

The message is simple, Care, that is all we have to do.


CSL – John Kirby

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