It’s an ill wind that blows nobody good.

It is a strange saying “It’s an ill wind that blows nobody good” and the truth is even more poignant now. At most wind speeds now, generation of Electricity can take place.

 In the UK, we are extremely lucky to have a trade and professional body representing the UK wind and Marine renewables industry, the BWEA. What sets this trade body apart is its staff, a team put together with quality in mind, some bodies are run by those that can’t do, that can not make it in the commercial world, the BWEA is different, it has people on its board like David Crowther of Centrica, who back in October 2007, said, “Delivery will be constrained by the weakest element of the industry, All sectors of the renewables industry, regulation and government must develop at the same pace if we are to succeed.

 One cannot help but have read about the winners of the UK Round 3 offshore wind farm projects, which offers the real potential of adding 25 gigawatts (GW) of power generation by 2020,  Britain is steeping into the future with this commitment, a third of all power from renewable resources, large investment of between £60 billion and £75 Billion pounds over the next decade, and the creation of between 60,000 and 70,000 employment opportunities.

 One company, British Gas\Centrica has gained an excellent opportunity with the Irish Sea zone, and its experience of gas fields, and working at sea must give it a competitive edge. The other skill it has is working with good partners, in this case, the RES Group, and in the case of the 270 Megawatt Scheme, which they recently agreed terms with Dong Energy & Project Ventures (Siemens AG).

 It is by sound partnership, the sharing of information, skills and technology that the best results can be achieved. British Gas is vital to the UK energy security for the future, and it is by having a good mix, Wind, Solar and Gas that will make it resilient.

The real winners of Round Three will be us the public, and each of us will owe thanks to the BWEA. however sadly it won’t be around for us to say it, but the good news RenewableUK will be, and the name change will reflect its place and purpose even better


CSL – John Kirby

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