Malta – A Place for Business

Malta, situated midway between Europe and Africa , has always played a very important role in International affairs. It importance to Europe’s Peace in the last century and it’s sacrifices should not be forgotten however, the Malta of today is a modern country with a good digital infrastructure.

It has a highly developed Banking Industry, with the Bank of Valletta as good as any banking group in Europe and in many ways better. It’s staff are well trained, pleasant and helpful. It has great real estate companies, Frank Salt, has branches around Malta and a great web presence, others like John Busttill have a growing reputation.

Malta’s Government is excellent, with freedoms and democracy bringing long term stability to the Island, it has a willingness to bring inward investment, and any company setting up in the Islands gets a loyal, hardworking and well educated workforce, that when trained are reliable and dedicated.

Setting up in Malta is a great option, it has good connections, good ports, and imports and exports can be got to and from the rest of the world easily. Regular flights enhance these links and the telecommunication system is second to none.

Malta truly is a place to do business with, and to do business from.


2 Responses to “Malta – A Place for Business”

  1. 1 coiled spring January 27, 2010 at 15:49

    Is Malta really that good for business, it is such a small island surely sales would not be high enough to support a business the same size as in the UK

    • 2 csljohnkirby February 5, 2010 at 10:09

      Malta is really a good place to business, you are right that the local markt is not as big as the UK, but I was looking at it from the point of view of building products for export, it has great communications, it is a great transport hub for air frieght and has a world class port

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