Let’s all jump on the bandwagon…….

……….Yes, the bullying bandwagon is rolling, and what a good thing it is, if it brings out into the open the evil that is bullying at every level.

Bullying in any form is wrong, and there is no greater wrong than allowing bullying to take place, every person that turns a blind eye to it is complicit in it, silence can be a tool of evil. Sexism, Racism and other prejudices are a form of bullying, and it is morally wrong.

Discipline is important, and schools need to supervise areas to ensure that they are safe, and, if I remember rightly, and I apologise if I am incorrect, I think I read a piece in a national newspaper last year where it was said exclusions cost a school £6000 each in a fee set against their budget, that is quite an incentive not to have too many pupils on warnings for their behaviour, and that this affects a schools  decision making process.

If we can give children their childhoods back, ensure that they do not face bullying and give them a love of learning, and a safe environment to learn in, then that is real success, and that will breed success in the future. Success that will benefit the whole country.

It is a simple enough saying “Every Soul Counts”, if we can value the individual, give them hope, and self-worth, show them respect, then they will automatically learn that all individuals have a value, and they will respect others.

I think we are extremely lucky in the UK to have some great teachers, and I think this was highlighted recently by The Teaching Awards (http://www.teachingawards.com/) , and I think the back up support is crucial to ensuring that the lessons learned from the best are transferred to all, that the best value for money is obtained from the education budget. 

However, the cost to society of bullies getting away with it, is far greater. However the damage that has been done by the National Bullying Helpline over the past few days is awful. My worry is that people that genuinely need help will be scared to seek help, be it from a Bullying Helpline or a Childrens Charity like Childline or even something like The Samaritans.

If you need help, do not judge all Help Services by the standards set by the  National Bullying Helpline recently because there are many great services out there. A few are shown below.




If bullying is allowed in any part of society, it spreads like a cancer in to society as a whole.


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