Never preach in a blog is good advice BUT!

I listened with much interest to Simon Cowell on Piers Morgan last night, especially the letter home from boarding school. I hope after listening to it three times, I have quoted it correctly.

“Dear Mum and Dad, I hope you’re happy to have finally got rid of me. I also hope you’re happy in your centrally heated warm house and you have a lot to eat, because I’m lying in a dormitory which has icicles on the inside, and there is nothing to eat. I’m freezing cold and hungry. I hope you’re finally satisfied. Simon.”

And I thought how this much strike a chord in modern Britain. So I have re-written it.

Dear Britain,

I hope you do not think you have finally got rid of me, all you have done hidden me, pushed me down even further. I hope you are happy in your centrally heated warm house, and you have a lot to eat, because I am lying in a distressed way, icicles form in my home, and in my heat and soul, my children are cold, fuel poverty is cruel, and the cupboards are bare, my family is freezing cold and hungry too.

Where do I live, in modern Britain that’s where, you pass me on the street, I am the unbanked, the victim of loan sharks, the fuel bill I cannot afford already, has penalties added £14 for a telemesage telling me what I know, I cannot afford to give my family warm, 35% of my income goes in the meters.

I do not want charity, I want fairness, I want my children to have opportunity.

I hope you are not too satisfied, more needs to be done. Society

Too many of us are too comfortable, and too many of us wear blinkers, and do not believe this happens here, but it does.


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