The politics of politics!

A question mark is a powerful tool, and one that society is becoming less accustomed to use.  We teach in Schools, answers. We prepare our youth to pass tests, be it SAT’s, GCSE or “A” Level’s. We certainly want equality, we want everyone to pass the same curriculum, I would be no good as a teacher, if I was in York, my students would know about Vikings, and the history of the railway, if in London, about the Tower of London, yes they would have a general overview of history, but I would use the resources locally, and allow a difference.  

We do not teach Science to a high enough level, and that is not to say, that we have not got some great teachers because we have. It is just we tie their hands.

The power to question has been eroded; people on Benefits sign on, and are scared to ask a question to the advisor, in case it is noted down and used against them in the future. People get charged for late payments by organisation after organisation, and never question why? Imagine, a million customers all phoning their telecoms provider, and asking why they are charged  £27 per year for a paper bill (£2.25 a month), tell them if you want paying bill me for my service, if you don’t want paying don’t send me a bill.

Imagine, going in to a shop, and the checkout person adding 50p to give you your printout, who would not accept it, you would shop elsewhere, but if you didn’t question it, te next chain would think well they do it so then so will we.

I have been lucky in life, and for that I am grateful, I continue on my journey, and I connect with some great people along the way, just recently I have phoned and spoke to 100 Prospective Parliamentary Candidates, and again, I ask Why?

Why do people, or at least the 98 that I judged sane and reasonable (the other two, whilst lovely, I think have lost their deposit, but just have not realised it yet) want to be MP’s, yes it is an honour to serve I know, but these people are working full time, doing everyday tough jobs, and then coming home to deal with telephone calls, letters and emails, and this is unpaid.

Then if elected, you get accused of taking long holiday’s but in fact, you are working in your consistency opening fetes, raising money for schools, hospices, or at home reading background papers. Then you take your spouse to the cinema, but in the queue, who are asked to look at a dry-rot matter, so you sit in the movie working out who you need to write too about the issue.

And if you think the fun ends there, it doesn’t, you walk down your high street, and realise that maybe 43% of the population that voted for you account 16% of the population if the turn-out rate was 40%, there are not that many friends out there really. It is a tough job, a wonderful job, a worthwhile job, and it is not always be a thankless one, oh, and the first thank is from me, Thank you for doing it.


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