Lonely Days and Lonely Nights

We live more and more in a world of mass communication, within a second I can connect to, talk and see people in most countries of the world. In just the last seven days, I have spoken to relatives in New Zealand, Eire and Canada, and I have spoken to frields in Malta and in Japan. In some cases, I have used videophone technology, it is a wonderful world.

Yet,i f I look at my neighbours, there are some on my street that I have not spoke to since before Christmas, and at the school gates, yes I speak to a couple of parents, but most I do not know, nor could I pair child to parent, yet when I was at school my Mum knew everyone else, and could ask everyone about their child by name.

Sunday gone, 23 Mothers and 48 Children were taken out for dinner, it was simple enough, take people out give them a good time, laugh and see people smile, it is a sort of magic, a magic which keeps people young. Each mother left with a bouquet of flowers, and a card signed by her child\children.

Some of the mothers, were single mums, some with a male partners, and two women in a same sex partnership, tonight, I have come in to read an email which says that I am disgusting (their words) that I undermined their relationship, my sin, I brought the pair of them a card each and bouquet.

It seems truly weird that for years one goes though life thinking one is doing right, but now twice in less than a forthnight, it has bitten me back. The first I tried to help a particular campaign, invested around 230 manhours (@£10.80ph) in it amounting to about £2500, and now second, I have found out I am a sexist pig.

I am convinced it is time to pull up the drawbridge and retreat, now where are those hills, because that is sure that is where I am heading, oh and, the title, Lonely Days and Lonely Nights, well, I don’t feel like company there………


CSL – John Kirby

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