Bravery at Home and Abroad.

On Sunday 18th April 2010, a memorial to Clifton (Nottingham) fallen heroes will be unveiled outside the Library in Southchurch Drive, following the campaign by the parents of LCpl Kieron Hill, who died in miltary operations in Afganistan on 28th May 2009. His bravery is not in question, yet the bravery of his parents has been outstanding too. They have spearheaded a campaign to raise funds to remember all the fallen armed forces personnel from the area.

Money is still being raised, and on Saturday 17th April Clifton FC are hosting a football tourament to help in this aspect.

Other heroes this week, were firemen James Shears and Alan Bannon, who lost their lives in the fire at Southampton.

Britain is a nation of heroes, and today despite the losses in Iraq and Afganistan, soldiers remain doing their duty, and on Wednesday morning Britain still had firemen doing theirs.

We all need to say thank you.


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  1. 1 Maverick (Mercian) April 10, 2010 at 10:04

    Your support is always welcome, by sending parcels to the front-line with sweets, crisps, magazines and tolertries you have lifted our spirits on more occasions than can be imagined.

    and I know you have done it for the airforce, army and navy in equal measure, when home we used to love coming to your nightclub, you do not need to be on the front line to be a hero just by giving such on-going support, you are our hero too.

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